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This page is for our cherished parents – current and new parents. Please, use the links below to access information about the school.

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Kindergarten Through 8th Grade

  • Child 1- $280 Child 2- $250  
  • Child 3- $220 Child 4- $190

Registration Fee

  • $210 per child (non refundable)
  • Pre-Registration $170 per Child

Des Moines Adventist School operates on a tuition payment plan divided into ten equal payments (August through May).  The first month’s tuition is due on Registration day along with all applicable fees. Monthly payments are to be paid through SMART Tuition.  All families are required to set-up an account with SmartTuition. Their phone number is 866-395-2987.  Application forms and any questions are handled by the school board treasurer.

What we wear on the outside should be a symbol of what is on the inside. Appearance not only reveals how a person feels, but also affects how a person acts.  It not only shows what we are interested in and what matters to us, but it also molds our mood and thus impacts the educational process. The student and the teacher are expected to dress to glorify the Creator, not through show display, but through modesty, cleanliness, simplicity, and neatness.  Education research also supports that dress is correlated with student behavior and discipline.

Each student and teacher should wear clothing that is in good taste, appropriate for the occasion. The Principal will ultimately resolve questions regarding specific articles of clothing. The following rules regarding dress code will be enforced:

  • Writing on shirts must be in line with Seventh-day Adventist Christian standards. (Examples: there should be no rock star association, alcohol, or caffeine beverage association, or suggestive phrases.)
  • String straps, any shirt that cuts off at the shoulder, halter tops or backless shirts are not permitted.
  • Tight-fitting pants or tops are not permitted. “tight-fitting” is understood to be any clothing that is tighter than the natural surface tension of the skin.
  • Shorts must be long enough to be non-revealing and modest while seated.
  • The midriff may not be exposed.
  • Ragged or torn clothing is not permitted.
  • Jewelry is not permitted, with the exception of medical alert bracelets or similar necessary wear.
  • Makeup or nail polish that appears unnatural, overly bright, or distracting is not permitted.
  • Shoes must be worn. If they have laces, they must be tied. For safety, sandals must have ankle straps. Flip-flops and slippers are not permitted except under special circumstances (Example: Beach Day, Slipper Day).
  • Hair should be kept neatly cut and groomed and should not be of unnatural color.
  • Mini-skirts are not permitted.

For grades K-2, shorts must be worn underneath skirts or dress to enable modest playground activity.

For parents seeking admission for their children, click on the button below to download the Registration Form. Carefully review the form and respond accordingly and submit the forms in person to the Principal.

Application Form

Back to School 2020-2021

Traditional Option A – Hybrid Option B. 

In-School Learners – Online Learners


Des Moines Adventist Schools is planning to have two learning options this school year. We are calling this the Traditional Option and the Hybrid Option. Traditional Option A, will be in-person at the school where Covid-19 policy will be followed. The other option will be the Hybrid Option B, this will be an online learning option for those who do not feel comfortable attending in person. 


There are some expectations that will have to be followed for both of these options to be effective at our school. 


Requirements for Option A-

  • Students will be in school everyday
  • Daily health screenings to enter the building
  • Students will actively participate
  • Students will complete and hand in work assigned by the teacher.
  • Covid-19 policies will be followed in the school building


Requirements for Option B-

  • Working internet connection at home. 
  • Student has a learning device of their own (Maybe provided by the school if needed)
  • Students have to actively participate during online learning sessions (most likely zoom). Attendance will be taken at each learning session.
  • Students have to complete and return work assigned by the teacher
  • Work pick up and drop off will be the responsibility of the family


Choosing the right learning option for your family

The State of Iowa is strongly suggesting that all students return to school. Our school would love to have all students in person, but we understand that this option will not work for all the families. In order for this hybrid model to work it will take commitment from the students, families, and teachers.

If you choose the Traditional Option A, it will most likely look the closest to the regular school year. With the exception of the Covid-19 policies that will be in place to keep those attending healthy, and lessen the spread of the virus. 


If the Hybrid Option B is more fitting for your family, this will resemble the online learning at the end of the school year. The difference will be that your students will be meeting with the teacher and other students for worship and the core subjects (Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Bible). This will be conducted through Zoom, or a program similar to that. The start times are to be determined by the teacher. Students will have to have their cameras on. 

The school strongly suggests that all students have a designated work area where they keep materials, books, and participate in class.

Students will be required to be active during school hours. Their attendance will be taken through their participation in the class by following along, watching, and doing the activities that are required for the class they are participating in. 

Parents will be responsible for picking up learning packets for the week and dropping off completed work at the end of the week. No contact pick ups and drop offs will be set up outside of the school. PTC will be held weekly, via zoom, phone call, text, online chatting, or email (teacher discretion) to keep students up to date with all work. Missing work will be addressed if needed. 


Changing your option choice.

The families will be able to choose initially what option would work best for their family. Then after that students will be unable to change their option until the end of the quarter (typically a 9 week period). At that point they will have to inform the school if they choose to change their option.

For example – if the family chooses the Hybrid Option B, they will have to continue this until the end of the quarter. At that point they will have to choose to continue with their option or they will be able to switch to the Traditional Option A. 

*The exception to the choice would be that if someone in the household or at school tests positive for Covid-19, then the Traditional Option A students would have to switch to Hybrid Option B (length of time to be determined).


Books, Technology, and Work

Books are the property of the school, and should be maintained in the condition that they received. They should be kept in the designated school area for the Hybrid Option B. If technology is provided by the school, it is the students and parents responsibility to keep them safe and in working order, and to be returned to the school, in the condition that they were received. 

Work is expected to be returned to the school in a folder, students should provide clean, and neat work. 



Registration and tuition rates will remain the same for both options. Meeting with the School Treasurer to set up financial responsibilities will still be required for all families. Marvin Roberts, is who you need to talk to, call to make an appointment via phone or in person, 917-562-9584. 

Please review and sign the following document to make the choice for your family.


Please review and sign the following document to make the choice for your family. 

Students bring their own lunch, a refrigerator and a microwave are available for students to use.

Hot Lunch
Hot Lunches are due to resume the 2021-2022 school year!

Hot Lunch is served on Monday and Thursday. It is provided by volunteers, church members, and parents. The cost is $2.50. 

Click on the button below to see weekly lunch menu or refer to the Reminder up for updates.