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Parent Information

This page is for our cherished parents – current and new parents. Please, use the links below to access information about the school.

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Kindergarten Through 8th Grade

  • Child 1- $300 Child 2- $270  
  • Child 3- $240 Child 4- $210

Registration Fee

  • $210 per child (non refundable)
  • Pre-Registration $170 per Child

Des Moines Adventist School operates on a tuition payment plan divided into ten equal payments (August through May).  The first month’s tuition is due on Registration day along with all applicable fees. Monthly payments are to be paid through SMART Tuition.  All families are required to set-up an account with SmartTuition. Their phone number is 866-395-2987.  Application forms and any questions are handled by the school board treasurer.

What we wear on the outside should be a symbol of what is on the inside. Appearance not only reveals how a person feels, but also affects how a person acts.  It not only shows what we are interested in and what matters to us, but it also molds our mood and thus impacts the educational process. The student and the teacher are expected to dress to glorify the Creator, not through show display, but through modesty, cleanliness, simplicity, and neatness.  Education research also supports that dress is correlated with student behavior and discipline.

Each student and teacher should wear clothing that is in good taste, appropriate for the occasion. The Principal will ultimately resolve questions regarding specific articles of clothing. The following rules regarding dress code will be enforced:

  • Dress Code 
    • Clothing must reflect a Christian mindset and be clean, neat, and positive. 
    • Shirts should cover the shoulders 
    • Midriff may not be exposed.
    • Shorts/skirts should be longer than arm’s length when standing. 
    • Ripped or torn clothing is not permitted.
    • Shoes must be worn. Sandals with ankle straps are acceptable. (No flip flops or slippers)
    • Jewelry is not permitted. (Exception: Medical alert)
    • Make-up, nail polish, and hair color should be natural colors and not overly bright.
    • Hair should be brushed and kept neat.
    • Non complying student will be asked not to wear the item again. The parent will be asked to bring in clothing and/or the school will provide appropriate clothing for the day.

For grades K-2, shorts must be worn underneath skirts or dress to enable modest playground activity.

For parents seeking admission for their children, click on the button below to download the Registration Form. Carefully review the form and respond accordingly and submit the forms in person to the Principal.

Application FormRegistration Forms

Students bring their own lunch, a refrigerator and a microwave are available for students to use.

Hot Lunch
Hot Lunch is served on Monday and Thursday. It is provided by volunteers, church members, and parents. The cost is $3.00. 

Punch cards are available for purchase at the school.